M&A Inquiries

Inquiries regarding capital investment and mergers and acquisitions

In medium-term management target plan announced in 13th May 2021, RAKUS plans to accelerate our growth through M&A in domestic and overseas. Our principle on M&A strategy is following;

・To increase value proposition for clients of our own and acquired companies
・To provide our resources and expertise to acquired companies

Cross border
・Target region:Europe and ASEAN
・It might be an option to acquire/invest target companies with a strategic partner(s).

Our cloud business consists of more than 10 cloud services, such as Raku-Raku Seisan (A system for settlement of travel & other expenses), Raku-Raku Meisai (A system to issue digital documentation such as an invoice), Raku-Raku Hanbai (Web database system which could automate various clerical procedures and data processing), and Mail Dealer (A system to share and manage inquiry emails in a particular group such as a team(s), a department(s) and a company).
Total ARR (Annual recurring revenue) has achieved more than 10 billion yen (≒100 USD million) on FY2021.3.

Our first cloud product, Mail Dealer, was launched in April 2001 and is still one of our core products. RAKUS has a history of more than 20 years as a “cloud product professional group”.

By utilizing the expertise and resources described below that RAKUS has accumulated over 20 years in the field of cloud business, we strongly believe that we could contribute to a further expansion and growth of your cloud service(s).

1: Utilization of our client portfolio
We would be able to propose your services to our portfolio of more than cumulative 80,000 clients.

2: Utilization of the expertise on cloud business
Depending on the stage of your company's cloud product and your concerns, we would provide you with an appropriate solution or dispatch an appropriate team based on our past experience.

3: Expand product development capabilities
Our offshore development center (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) could contribute to the expansion of your cloud product development capabilities.

We would highly appreciate that you send us an e-mail (biz@rakus.co.jp) with following information. A representative will contact you shortly.

Company name:
Company website:
Email address:
Inquiry details:

Please be informed that we use the above information you provide to us for the following business and commercial purposes:

・To respond to your inquiries and to contact you in various forms from RAKUS Co., Ltd.
・To consider the possibility of capital investment and mergers and acquisitions

Please be informed that it is shared only to the minimum number of required personnel (Executives and direct personnel in charge) and strictly controlled.
Regarding RAKUS’s privacy policy, please feel free to access to https://www.rakus.co.jp/pp/ .

It is honored that RAKUS is selected as one of "Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion" by Forbes Asia

RAKUS is selected by Forbes Asia, a prominent business magazine, as one of "Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion" which is the list of 200 companies listed in the Asia-Pacific region with revenues of less than $1 billion. This is the second time we have received this award, following the previous one in 2018.

RAKUS has achieved the previous mid-term business plan starting in 2019, with revenue growth of 2.59x in three years.
During that period, Top-line growth has accelerated due to sustained high growth in core pillars.
We have set a new mid-term business plan as followings;
・25%-30% CAGR in revenue for five years,
・Net income of 10 billion yen for the fiscal year ending March 2026
・Net assets of 20 billion yen for the fiscal year ending March 2026