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RAKUS is the provider of cloud services
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We promote IT technologies which our
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Our cloud services and IT Outsourcing Business have helped our customers to resolve their issues and to grow their businesses.

Message to Shareholders and Investors

We have a Long-Term Vision to ‘Become a Company Representing Japan’ and are working to achieve this vision every day. Specifically, we are aiming to become a well-known company ranked in the top 100 companies by market capitalization in Japan.

In order to achieve this vision, we believe we need to become a company which can generate profits while continuously growing sales.

We have set a Medium-Term Management Targets as a step toward achieving the vision. In the Targets, we have challenged to grow sales at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 27% to 30% over the five years from FY2022.3 to FY2026.3 based on sales in FY2021.3. We also aim to achieve 10 billion yen in net income and 20 billion yen in net assets in FY2026.3.

In FY2024.3 which is the turning point for the Medium-Term Management Targets, we work to continue achieving high sales growth driven by active investments. We also focus on building a system capable of profits toward the final year of the Targets.

Currently, I am devoting most of my time to creating a system to continuously instill the culture. RAKUS’ culture is summed up in the RAKUS Leadership Principles. We are now expanding our organization to achieve the business growth and we hope to welcome more members in the future. We work to create the solid organization which enables the entire company to act as one even as the members increase.

Japanese companies still have room for digitalization. We have contributed to promote the digitalization in Japan through providing our services to much more companies in the expanding market.

I hope that all of our shareholders and investors will support RAKUS over the long term.

President and Representative Director

Takanori Nakamura

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