Our initiatives

are transforming the

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of Japan.

RAKUS is the provider of cloud services
which improve business efficiency of
small and medium-sized enterprises.



We promote IT technologies which our
customers can ‘easily’ adopt for their business
Our cloud services and IT Outsourcing Business have helped our customers to resolve their issues and to grow their businesses.

Message From The President
Aiming to be a company representing Japan

We have been striving to grow RAKUS as 'a company representing Japan'. In other words, over the next 8 to 13 years we are aiming to become a well-known company ranked in the top 100 listed enterprises according to market capitalization.

In order to achieve this goal, we are challenging ourselves to have 30% CAGR in both revenues and earnings over the three years from March 2019 through March 2021. We grew sales by 32.8% in March 2020, the second year of the plan. We have been progressing well so far.

Since the beginning of the fiscal year ending March 2021, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed social and economic activities. Although the external environment is changing rapidly, RAKUS will make its utmost effort to achieve the 30% CAGR goal.

Our growth will decelerate in the short term to some extent because of COVID-19. But once the impact from COVID-19 subsides, companies will accelerate their effort to use cloud services and handle more work online. In addition, more IT engineers are needed to digitalize society. The cloud services and IT outsourcing services which RAKUS offers will be even more essential to society from now on. I sincerely hope that our shareholders and investors will support RAKUS in the long run looking beyond COVID-19.

President and Representative Director

Takanori Nakamura

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