We constantly help companies grow their business by providing IT services.

RAKUS has promoted digitalization of SMEs which have faced challenges of budget and digital literacy.
But digitalization is essential for not only SMEs but also larger companies
which use costly and inefficient legacy systems.
Japan can be a rich country only after all of the 50 million workers in Japan benefit from the latest IT services.

We are determined to contribute to business growth of companies and well-being of their workers
by helping them promote digital transformation through our IT services.


  • VALUE 01 Fulfilment

    We fulfil and go beyond our customers’ expectations.

  • VALUE 02 Nurture

    We nurture human resources who have the capability to yield tangible results.

  • VALUE 03 Improvement

    We improve our activities day and night.

  • VALUE 04 Integrity

    We have integrity with our stakeholders.

  • VALUE 05 Evolution

    We capture signs of potential changes and evolve proactively.

We were selected for 2022 Best Workplaces in Japan.
RAKUS earns Great Place to Work® Certification.