We strengthen SMEs through IT.

More than 90% of companies in Japan are SMEs, totaling 4 million. Over 60% of workers belong to SMEs.
What Japan needs to keep its society safe and prosperous is stronger SMEs.

We, RAKUS Co., Ltd, provides SMEs with information technology which is usually used by large companies.
Moreover, we have been improving on a daily basis the technology
we offer so that SMEs can use it more easily with lower costs. It is a great pleasure that we can contribute to SMEs’ business growth and to the well-being of their employees.


  • VALUE 01 Fulfilment

    We fulfil and go beyond our customers’ expectations.

  • VALUE 02 Nurture

    We nurture human resources who have the capability to yield tangible results.

  • VALUE 03 Improvement

    We improve our activities day and night.

  • VALUE 04 Integrity

    We have integrity with our stakeholders.

  • VALUE 05 Evolution

    We capture signs of potential changes and evolve proactively.

We were selected for the medium-sized category of 2020 Best Workplaces in Japan.